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Check Your Boobies is dipping our toes in the fashion industry with Etcetera! Last weekend, I met up with Susie Cohen for a sneak peek into the fall collection. And I have to say, you won’t want to miss out on it.

So how does this work exactly? Etcetera holds private shopping events for you and your girlfriends. Imagine yourself surrounded by trendy, staple pieces that can help build your wardrobe. Try on what you fancy, purchase, and from now until August 13th, 10% of the proceeds go to Check Your Boobies! Of course, returns/exchanges are welcome if an item is not what you expected.

^^^ Susie Cohen! Coordinating extraordinaire

I quickly took to the racks and pulled some of my favorite pieces. I fell in love with a particular skirt and kept asking Susie to coordinate it in every way possible, which she did so expertly. I also loved a lot of their sweaters and could even imagine my mom liking them, as well. I think Etcetera is certainly more in her price range (most items are $100+). However, the pieces are super versatile, high quality, and designed with a unique flair.

^^^ Still can't take my eyes off of this sparkly skirt.

^^^ Perfect for the chill that's coming in a couple months. I could totally see myself wearing the slouchy black sweater all winter long.

One thing I especially loved were the leggings! Not the thin kind that should never, but I often see, pass as real pants, but the type that strikes the perfect balance between stretch and structure- here, in Midnight. I’m telling you, you don’t want to miss out on this collection.

Contact Susie at to be in on this/the next trunk show for Etcetera. If you miss out on this one, there will be another in a couple months so get ready to look fabulous and support your favorite non-profit!

Thanks again, Susie, for playing personal stylist and letting me pull everything out of its place!


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