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Here We Go!

Newcomer, regular, random visitor, welcome to the Check Your Boobies blog! With a new year right around the corner, we’ve put regular blog maintenance onto the resolution list. I’m Connie- CYB Intern and not completely new to blogging. Desperation to escape the wrath of final exams was once temporarily subdued by channeling Molly Wizenberg (food blog writer). True story.

This is not one of those attempts. Here, I just want to update you with the latest on CYB activities and to remind you to Check Your Boobies. Yes, squeeze away! And here’s one reason why. Hint: it prevents something that rhymes with crest dancer.

Happy Holidays!



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It’s time to Check Your Boobies in December!

December Check Your Boobies


•    The holidays are a time to celebrate with loved ones and lavish them with gifts – but don’t forget to give yourself the gift of good health and Check Your Boobies!

•    Santa is making a list and checking it twice…. but you just need to Check Your Boobies once!

•    Before you strap on your stilettos and shimmy into your little black dress for your swank New Year’s Eve party – don’t forget to Check Your Boobies!


Click here to find out how to do a boobies check.

To learn about hosting a Check Your Boobies party, click here.


Please contact if you have any questions or would like to unsubscribe.

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