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20 Questions: Leticia Croft Holguin!

Leticia Croft Holguin is our newest recruit to join the CYB Bay Area chapter! She is such an inspiring woman from whom we can all learn more about breast cancer, and how health can be achieved through empowerment. Find out more about Leticia below!


2.     WHAT IS YOUR FULL TIME JOB?  Partners Mortgage 13 years, Accountant, Payroll Manager

3.     FIRST THING YOU DO WHEN YOU WAKE UP? Always Greet my 3 year old Sam as I am on his schedule most of the time, and then my 10 year old Isaac…My morning always revolves around my children! My Blessings!

4.     FAVORITE HOLIDAY TRADITION? Love Christmas! Tamales, and the look on the children’s faces! I love giving!!!


6.     FAVORITE TV SHOW?  Falling Skys, because this has been designated date night for my 10 years old son and I!!!

7.     IF YOU COULD BE ANYONE (LIVING OR DEAD), WHO WOULD IT BE?  That would be a tie between Mother Teresa and Marilyn Monroe…I am torn between the beauty of giving it all and the beauty of having the power to influence millions…

8.     WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CEREAL?  Basic Four! Reminds my of my childhood, weekends at my grandmother’s house!

9.     IF YOU COULD SNAP YOUR FINGERS AND APPEAR SOMEWHERE ELSE, WHERE WOULD YOU BE? I wouldn’t go anywhere without my boys, so I would have to have the ability to take them with me, I am thinking Atlantis!

10.   FAVORITE SONG/ARTIST OF THE MOMENT? Pink! She has a song for all of my moods! Real, Raw, and Empowering! Love Pink


12.   LAST MOVIE YOU WATCHED?  Despicable me 2! Hilariously cute and fun!!!

13.   YOU WIN A MILLION DOLLARS AND GIVE HALF TO A CHARITY OF YOUR CHOICE. WHICH CHARITY WOULD IT BE AND WHAT DO YOU DO WITH THE OTHER HALF? Only one! Joyce Meyer! I love her and she is involved in just about everything in every country! The second half would allow me to live the American Dream and buy a home!!!! White picket fence and all!

14.   ON SATURDAYS, I LIKE TO… Spend time with my family! Go to amusement parks, watch shows, beach, parks, what ever they feel like doing!

15.   BEST DESSERT YOU HAVE EVER HAD? Icing on a cake in Los Gatos has this delicious Banana Carrot cake…Its just like a carrot cake but Banana! Mmmm!!!

16.   WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST PET PEEVE? Anything that is unjust, I am all about fairness…

17.   IF YOU COULD HAVE ONE SUPER POWER, WHAT WOULD IT BE? Flying! So I can visit family and friends, and do more! As there would be no drive time!!!

18.   WHAT ACHIEVEMENT ARE YOU MOST PROUD OF IN YOUR LIFETIME? I like to think my biggest achievement is yet to come! But I am very proud that I was blessed with the ability to teach my children how to react in the face of adversity. That I was blessed with the strength and foresight in knowing I was blessed even in my darkness; that there was a huge bright light to come!

19.   WHAT MOTTO/ MANTRA DO YOU LIVE BY?  The Lord with use what was meant to harm me to elevate me…Faith, Faith, and more Faith…

20.   WHY/HOW DID YOU GET INVOLVED WITH CYB? I met Mara Langer and Helen Chen when I was the keynote speaker at the 9th Annual Breast Cancer connections conference. CYB has an awesome program with an amazing platform, whose mission is in sync with mine: to save lives through empowerment!

Follow Leticia’s blog, YMoms, here and hear her personal story shared at the Breast Cancer Connections’ Annual Conference here.
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Get Your Shop On for CYB

Check Your Boobies is dipping our toes in the fashion industry with Etcetera! Last weekend, I met up with Susie Cohen for a sneak peek into the fall collection. And I have to say, you won’t want to miss out on it.

So how does this work exactly? Etcetera holds private shopping events for you and your girlfriends. Imagine yourself surrounded by trendy, staple pieces that can help build your wardrobe. Try on what you fancy, purchase, and from now until August 13th, 10% of the proceeds go to Check Your Boobies! Of course, returns/exchanges are welcome if an item is not what you expected.

^^^ Susie Cohen! Coordinating extraordinaire

I quickly took to the racks and pulled some of my favorite pieces. I fell in love with a particular skirt and kept asking Susie to coordinate it in every way possible, which she did so expertly. I also loved a lot of their sweaters and could even imagine my mom liking them, as well. I think Etcetera is certainly more in her price range (most items are $100+). However, the pieces are super versatile, high quality, and designed with a unique flair.

^^^ Still can't take my eyes off of this sparkly skirt.

^^^ Perfect for the chill that's coming in a couple months. I could totally see myself wearing the slouchy black sweater all winter long.

One thing I especially loved were the leggings! Not the thin kind that should never, but I often see, pass as real pants, but the type that strikes the perfect balance between stretch and structure- here, in Midnight. I’m telling you, you don’t want to miss out on this collection.

Contact Susie at to be in on this/the next trunk show for Etcetera. If you miss out on this one, there will be another in a couple months so get ready to look fabulous and support your favorite non-profit!

Thanks again, Susie, for playing personal stylist and letting me pull everything out of its place!


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August 2013 Check Your Boobies!

• We’re in the middle of summer and it’s HOT HOT HOT! Before you slither into your string bikini – or throw on your beautiful sun-lounging outfit – don’t forget to CHECK YOUR BOOBIES!

• A lot of fabulous, powerful women were born in August. Annie Oakley. Julia Child. Mata Hari. And Madonna… to name a few. Channel the strength of these amazing women and CHECK YOUR BOOBIES!

• This is a time when the “back to school” ads start on TV. Before you wave goodbye to summer, though, CHECK YOUR BOOBIES!

Click here to find out how to do a boobies check.

October is just around the corner, don’t forget to schedule your Check Your Boobies party! To sign up to host a Check Your Boobies party or learn more, click here.

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Stressed Applicant… and Breast Cancer?

Okay, so maybe there isn’t a direct correlation in that title but I’ve been swamped in medical school secondary applications and it is all I can think about. Not to worry, I’ll squeeze in a tie somewhere.

So we’ve heard for quite some time now, that the doctors of the future will be selected on a different (more comprehensive) basis than they used to be. We’ve seen these changes being made in the revised MCAT exam that will officially debut in 2015. I was lucky to take a trial version sans writing portion. And I have to say, change doesn’t necessarily mean easier. The holistic approach to applicant selection is also seen with the diminishing number of schools screening primary applications. Or maybe, guaranteed secondary application fees were too good to pass up. The point is, admissions committees are realizing that in order to keep up with the constant diversification of the American population, future doctors need to be equipped with open minds, stronger interpersonal skills, and rich backgrounds of their own.

Pre-application cycle, I was so confident I had something special. Nowadays, after combing through forums and perusing for synonyms to “unique”, I am more confused and lost than ever. Having access to helpful resources like the MSAR has at times, made me even more anxious and paranoid about rejection. An applicant’s chance of matriculation to medical school is roughly <1—5%. Because of course, you would only want the cream of the crop to be treating the one thing we value most, human life. So at this point I’m wondering, am I truly worthy? Do I measure up?

Not to go on some defensive streak, but every activity I’ve been involved with for the last several years has been deliberate and intentional. I don’t think any other age group outside of 18-24 says YOLO more often to justify some silly or outrageous activity. But instead of partaking in the same craziness, I studied, volunteered, and sought out more opportunities to carve out a possible career in medicine. I did it because I enjoy interacting with people, love integrating biology and humanity, and am continually inspired by humans in this line of work. And because I think YOLO sounds stupid. So when I joined Check Your Boobies, I saw something in the works that I knew had potential. I saw promise in its educational component and the intimate, yet casual learning environment offered by a Check Your Boobies party. That’s not something I see everyday in the clinical environment, but it is something I can see myself implementing as a future doctor.

I’ve been with Check Your Boobies for less than a year now but when it came down to selecting 3 meaningful activities out of 15 on my primary application, I knew CYB was one. It was so easy to describe that it had provided me a perspective of how people share knowledge to empower each other. It starts with a small gathering of women and men who open up about a topic that rarely gets discussed beyond the color pink. Then, they tell more of their friends and family what they’ve learned. I witness the outreach grow exponentially. And I get to continually measure this outreach everyday through one of my favorite distractions, social media. 😉 My experience has been insightful, to say the least,  into how we deal with medical issues outside of the clinical space.

Whew, just venting on this post has cleared up some of the fog and I feel rejuvenated to tackle another secondary. Trying to stand out in a sea of thousands equally as driven and even smarter is tough. Thank you for bearing with me through this post. Regardless of whether or not I am accepted to a school, I am so proud of my involvement with CYB. I couldn’t have asked for a better internship and look forward to growing with this organization. I’ll check back with a more appropriate post soon! Until then…

 For more on the evolutions taking place with medical school admissions, read Dr. Kozel’s article in the NYT.


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