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For all the pink in the world

Happy Wednesday, folks! Long time no post so thanks for checking back. If you follow us on facebook, you’ve probably seen the post on a blogger’s rant on No Bra Day (original post here) and an ABC News cover on fraudulent pink awareness. With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it’s impossible not to notice the pinkwashing in just about every corner of life. From billboards to grocery stores to shopping malls, pink. is. everywhere.

Fighting cancer is a noble cause, but simply purchasing anything stamped with a pink ribbon is not an effective way to raise awareness. Have we seen significant decreases in the incidence of breast cancer? Nope.  How much of the price you paid for a pink can of soup went towards R&D or education about breast cancer? 3.5 cents per can if you buy Campbell’s. Did any of it trickle down at all? Some companies put a cap to how much they donate, which means your individual purchase may not have made a difference. Dansko donated 0% of the proceeds from their pink-ribbon clogs towards breast cancer charity. It is an unfortunate reality that corporations use the symbol of breast cancer to drive up sales and sometimes, purely for profit.

As consumers, let’s put a greater focus on prevention not just through our purchasing power, but through education and action, when it comes to all women’s health issues. As it turns out, October not only stands for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but also Domestic Violence Awareness Month. There are many diseases that affect women such as cardiovascular disease and other cancers. And if you must buy pink, consider donating directly or looking into which organizations/researchers receive your money, what portion they receive, and how those dollars will be able to turn the tide of the breast cancer epidemic. I’m all about promoting awareness and education. But October’s pink wave should be more than a catchy way to unite people behind a specific cause. Let’s not lose sight of the real issue at hand by trivializing a serious and potentially deadly disease.

So what do you think? Is all the pink awareness getting out of hand? These pups certainly think so.





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October Check Your Boobies


• Even though it’s Halloween, a time for frightening ghosts and goblins, it’s no time to be afraid. Checking Your Boobies isn’t a scary thing!

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• Autumn is arriving and the leaves are starting to fall. Don’t forget to Check Your Boobies before you pull on your favorite comfy sweater.

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