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Memories of 2013

Hello Everyone!

I’m not ready to say goodbye to 2013 just yet, but the year has surely been nothing short of busy and fun-filled. Let’s recap, shall we?

January: We had 13 CYB Parties! This was also the month that Miss America contestant Allyn Rose spoke up about her decision to undergo a prophylactic double mastectomy, to a highly controversial media response.


February: We attended the C4YW Conference in Bellevue, Washington and had over 20 parties! Not bad for a short month 😉

UW Tri Delta

UW Tri Delta

March: We welcomed Chelsea Kaufman, our second UCLA Campus Ambassador! With her help, we attended over 20 parties!

April was the month of celebrating the beautiful lives of two women: Michelle Lowe and the writer of My Big Girl Pants, Bridget Spence. We also commemorated Jennifer through her husband’s heartfelt portrayal of her journey with breast cancer.


May: We kept up the 20+ parties streak and had the biggest party of all- CYB’s Annual Party & Fundraiser! Our friends, old and new, helped us raise over $250,000 dollars to continue educating and empowering women! Hurrah!







June: CYB’s own Emily Kaplan shared her involvement in The Scar Project. Simply awesome.


July: We celebrated America’s birthday with the cutest spangled beach bum:



Our Program Coordinator, Kayla Driscoll, sittin' pretty in the sun at a health fair!

Our Program Coordinator, Kayla Driscoll, sittin’ pretty in the sun at a health fair!

August: Tallied up our parties for the slowest season and counted 15 Bay Area parties!

CYB Family gathering in Seattle!

CYB Family gathering in Seattle!

September: School swung into full gear and we added two new Campus Ambassadors-Asia Adona, to the WSU campus, and Emily Jong, to UC Berkeley! We hopped back onto the 20+ parties train with 25 parties!

CYB Bay Area Director, Mara Berns, rocked her angel wings in the Survivors Circle at a HERS Breast Cancer Foundation event!

CYB Bay Area Director, Mara Berns, rocked her angel wings in the Survivors Circle at a HERS Breast Cancer Foundation event!

October: Predictably, this was our busiest month (major photo drop pending), with parties at UC Berkeley, UCLA, University of Washington, WSU, Seattle U, private homes, MOPS, health fairs, churches, women’s shelters, and so many more! In fact, more parties than any other month in CYB history. Not to mention, an Instagram contest with our partner, Adore Me.

CYB Instructor, Elizabeth Crouch, puts it perfectly:

“And in the spirit of Frank, Fun and Fearless, I’m closing out October with deep gratitude for CYB and …
1. all the wonderful women (and men) I’ve met this month who are now taking positive health actions
2. the ongoing courage and fierce determination of several friends in cancer treatment .. I love, love, love you!
3. the glowing health of my thriver daughter and her sisters
4. Halloween and cherished friends who send me its festive reminders!”

A glimpse into our favorite month-



UCLA love!

UCLA love!





UW's Unidas Seremos!

UW’s Unidas Seremos!

November: Stomped through LA like it’s our playground and left our mark. Oh, and  a new record for November: 40 parties. On an unrelated note, Thanksgiving and the start of Hanukkah fell on the same day. The last time this happened was in 1888.




Women's Action Commission, McMahon Hall and Undergraduate Women in Business

Women’s Action Commission, McMahon Hall and Undergraduate Women in Business

And here we are in December! My what a year 2013 has been! In case you are shopping via Amazon for your loved ones, why not add CYB to your list of favorite organizations before checking out?

CYB Instructor, Kim Schaaf at a Zumbathon!

CYB Instructor, Kim Schaaf at a Zumbathon!

2014 is going to be a fantastic year! Can’t wait to set more records and keep our vision of education and empowerment alive. Thank you for partying with us!

 ***Stay tuned for another partnership announcement in early 2014!

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