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CYB is all about putting women into action about their breast health, giving them tools for early detection, prevention and self-advocacy.  We give healthy women, from all walks of life, a fun way to learn what they can do to feel more in control and less in fear about breast cancer.  We also give breast cancer survivors a place to share the stories that can save lives.

CYB puts on free breast education parties, filled with socializing, laughter, camaraderie and just plain fun. Wherever woman gather, on campuses, houses of worship, workplaces, and mothers’ groups, CYB will bring breast educators and survivors to spread the word about early detection. A non-medical, fear-free, fun environment is the best environment for learning, even about serious topics. The parties are safe spaces created to encourage questions and sharing about breast health. CYB follows up the parties with monthly breast self-check reminders, educational resources on the website, and an engaging and informative blog.

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Breast Health Educator and Facilitator

A trained Check Your Boobies breast health instructor will teach the group about breast health, including how to do a proper self-exam. They will also discuss the different types of screening methods, including the importance of combining self-exams, with regular mammograms and clinical exams. Our BHI will also discuss the important preventative lifestyle choices, like good nutrition and exercise, and how to integrate these choices into a busy lifestyle.

A breast cancer survivor facilitator will tell her story and share information on how breast cancer is a treatable, survivable disease, especially when detected early. She will discuss the anxiety and fears often felt about breast cancer and motivate and inspire women to take charge of their breast health, and reinforce the importance of checking your boobies.

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