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Be proactive and host a FREE Check Your Boobies Party! It’s a fun, fear-free way to teach your friends, sorority sisters and even professors how to check their boobies. Give them the gift of health by hosting a party. It’s easy! Sign up here to host a CYB party on your college campus. What happens during a Check Your Boobies Party? A Check Your Boobies party is similar to many other gatherings you have with your friends – except it’s all about BOOBIES. Everyone will have a great time, a few laughs and maybe even a few tears while they learn how to prevent and detect breast cancer. Check Your Boobies deals with breast health in a comfortable, often amusing, and empowering way by giving breasts a party of their very own! Here’s what you can expect: A trained Check Your Boobies breast health educator will teach the group about breast health, including how to do a proper self-exam. They will also discuss the different types of screening methods, including the importance of combining self-exams, with regular mammograms and clinical exams. A breast cancer survivor will tell her story and share information on how breast cancer is a treatable, survivable disease, especially when detected early. She will discuss the anxiety and fears often felt about breast cancer and motivate and inspire women to take charge of their breast health, and reinforce the importance of checking your boobies. Our breast health educator will also discuss the important preventative lifestyle choices like good nutrition and exercise and how to integrate these choices into a busy lifestyle. As a college student, now is the time to make these lifestyle choices a habit for future health. Check Your Boobies Parties provides college women an opportunity to start learning about breast health NOW and why it’s so important to be proactive about your health. Who attends a Check Your Boobies Party? Anyone with Boobies can attend a Check Your Boobies party. We have had groups of friends, entire sororities and fraternities, residence halls, health clubs, campus groups and organizations, and much more. Basically, anyone with breasts can pull a group together for a Check Your Boobies party. They can be held on campus, in residence halls, at sorority and fraternity chapters, and apartments – basically anywhere you and your friends want to get together! Sign-up to Host a Check Your Boobies Party today.

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Check Your Boobies Parties fulfill a large variety of health and education requirements for sororities and residence halls. Best of all, they are completely FREE!

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